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Parent Groups Starting!

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Parenting Your Anxious Emerging Adult

The Columbia University Clinic for Anxiety and Related Disorders (CUCARD) and Youth Anxiety Center (YAC) are pleased to announce an educational group program for parents of emerging adults with anxiety disorders. This group is ideal the parents of young adults who have been experiencing distress or “failure to launch” and meet the demands of emerging adulthood due to anxiety.

Groups are part of our Launching Emerging Adults Program (LEAP) and include:

Education about anxiety in the emerging adult

An overview of the tasks and challenges of transitioning from adolescence to adulthood

Skills for parents to challenge and change their child’s negative thinking styles

Strategies to increase adaptive communication between you and your young adults

Practice in appropriate limit setting

Methods to assist your emerging adult in negotiating important life transitions

Skills to help your young adult achieve developmental milestones

Strategies for your own self assessment of what helps or hinders your young adult